The GISAP takes part in the Science Window on behalf of the UPO.

Between  4 December   and February 7, 2016, you can visit “Applied Social Research: The use of bicycles in Andalusia & Local-based Tourism”.

Pablo de Olavide University participates in the fourth edition of the “Window to Science” project of the Science Park of Granada, an initiative that shows the research that is currently being carried out in various areas of scientific knowledge of Andalusian public universities. On this occasion, the Social Research and Participatory Action Group (GISAP) (SEJ-218) of the Pablo de Olavide University, under the scientific direction of the researchers Macarena Hernández Ramírez, Javier Escalera Reyes and Esteban Ruiz Ballesteros, will be responsible for the titled window “Applied Social Research: The use of bicycles in Andalusia & Local-based Tourism”, which can be visited from December 4, 2015 to February 7, 2016.

Pablo de Olavide University is once again a participant in this project thanks to the GISAP research group, a team that fundamentally focuses its activity on the development of applied social research. Fruit of this vocation are the two projects that are shared in this window, which shows on the one hand what mobility is like in urban areas of Andalusia, more specifically what are the main discourses and social practices around the use of bicycles, with the purpose of making intervention proposals in this area; and on the other, it shows the fundamental characteristics of local-based tourism, developed in protected areas, the role played by the local societies where they are developed, as well as the management  proposals and decision-making in these tourism processes.


More information about the Cicla Project. Sustainable Mobility in Andalusia: practices and discourses on the use of bicycles at